Wednesday, 2 May 2012

DHBTC Through The Eyes of Alan Morgan

Let me introduce you to retired university of Waterloo geology /geography professor Alan Morgan, who has a passion for hiking. He is a member of the Bruce Trail, loves nature and has a passion for the outdoors and photography.

Since retiring in 2009, Alan hikes to stay active and pursue his interests and passions. He began walking the Bruce Trail end-to-end last year and hopes to finish have it fully completed by the end of 2012.  He recently finished end-to-end hikes of the Peninsula and the Dufferin Hi-Land sections. The Peninsula walk was a 12-day hike, which took place over 6 weekends, while the Dufferin Hi-Land section took 3 days of hiking.

The Dufferin Hi-Land hike was an organized group hike that gave Alan the satisfaction of having completed the task, as well as having a photographic record of the accomplishment. “I’m very interested in photography,” Alan tells us. “I like to stop and look,” and luckily for us take some stunning images. Here is the trail through the eyes of Alan Morgan – you can’t miss his passion for nature and photography.

Alan, thank you for sharing!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Splitrock Narrows Land Conservation

The Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail is proud to announce their preservation of Splitrock Narrows. Once a mighty glacier, this now majestic meadow filled with rolling hills, passageways, lavish forests, and wildflowers offers members of the Bruce Trail the ability to enjoy hikes extended from the Optimum Route, with the help, commitment, and donations of the club.

By joining the Bruce Trail Club and the Dufferin Hi-Land Club, participants will be able to explore the 73 acres of prime Niagara Escarpment forest, cliff, and meadow, just north of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. On April 22, 2012, members alike will have the brilliant opportunity to explore Splitrock Narrows, including the crevice system, early wildflowers, and unbelievable views along with the company of others.  With the generosity of members and participants of the event, the Bruce Trail Club and the Dufferin Hi-Land Club will be able raise the projected costs , $410,000,for preserving the land by May 24,2012.

So for those who are interesting in helping with this great cause, here are the details regarding the time and location of the event.
         The exploration of Splitrock Narrows will be between 10 am and 3 pm on April 22, 2012
·         Location: 1 km north of the 25th Sideroad, Mono, on the 2nd Line EHS
      Directions: From Highway 10, proceed north past Orangeville to the 25th Sideroad and turn right. Proceed to the 2nd Line EHS and turn left. Follow the signs for the event and parking.
      Directions: From Airport Road, proceed north pas the Hockley Valley to the 25th Sideroad and turn left. Follow the signs for the event and parking
          While the Bruce Trail is not currently on this property, its location can be seen on Map 19 of the 26th Edition Bruce Trail Reference, just north of the northern end of the Walter Tovell Side Trail

For more information, please visit the Bruce Trail website at, or call 1-800-665-4453

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bruce Trail Photo Contest

Yes, one of your Bruce Trail photos could be on the cover of this year’s summer issue of the Bruce Trail magazine. All members will have the opportunity to submit a photo(s) that are quintessentially “Bruce Trail” as part of the 4th Annual BTC Photo Contest. Images may include landscapes, trail features, flora, fauna, and/ or people. They can be anything from volunteers hard at work clearing bush along the trail to a glistening river that flows alongside the wildflower-lined path. In addition to having the winner’s photo being features on the cover of the next magazine, a Bruce Trail gift pack and mounted print of their magazine cover will also be given.

Here are some more details about the contest to consider.

  • The contest is open to Bruce Trail members only; however, voting is open to everyone who visits
  • Since the winning photo will be featured on the summer issue of the Bruce Trail magazine, images that are noticeably fall or winter will be disqualified
  • A panel of BTC judges will select 10 finalists
  • Once 10 finalists are chosen, voting is open to the public
  • Images from all 10 finalists will appear inside the Summer 2012 issue
  • Photos must be taken along the Bruce Trail or one of its side trails
  • To enter, use your Member Login and submit by March 21, 2012
  • Members may submit up to 3 photos
Dates to Remember
  • Photo entry deadline is March 21, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST
  • Voting takes place between March 28 and April 18, 2012
  • The winner is announced on April 19, 2012
For more information about the contest and to see photos from last year’s finalists, please visit