Wednesday, 2 May 2012

DHBTC Through The Eyes of Alan Morgan

Let me introduce you to retired university of Waterloo geology /geography professor Alan Morgan, who has a passion for hiking. He is a member of the Bruce Trail, loves nature and has a passion for the outdoors and photography.

Since retiring in 2009, Alan hikes to stay active and pursue his interests and passions. He began walking the Bruce Trail end-to-end last year and hopes to finish have it fully completed by the end of 2012.  He recently finished end-to-end hikes of the Peninsula and the Dufferin Hi-Land sections. The Peninsula walk was a 12-day hike, which took place over 6 weekends, while the Dufferin Hi-Land section took 3 days of hiking.

The Dufferin Hi-Land hike was an organized group hike that gave Alan the satisfaction of having completed the task, as well as having a photographic record of the accomplishment. “I’m very interested in photography,” Alan tells us. “I like to stop and look,” and luckily for us take some stunning images. Here is the trail through the eyes of Alan Morgan – you can’t miss his passion for nature and photography.

Alan, thank you for sharing!


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